In July, New York Counts presented a three-day conference on not only rebuilding New York after this year’s series of public health and social justice crises, but rebuilding it equitably.

Why did we take on this topic? Because we believe that the 2020 Census is foundational to ensuring that New Yorkers and New York state have a fair distribution of power, representation, and resources and to attaining the level of racial, economic, and social justice that this moment is demanding.

We heard from leaders from a diverse range of sectors discuss how the Census plays an important role in their work and an important role in rebuilding New York and invited New York’s most dedicated advocates and activists to discuss the redistricting process in New York and much more. In case you missed it, take a moment to be mobilized and inspired by the discussions from this conference and stay tuned for more events from New York Counts as we continue to get out the count all the way through the end of September.

Day 1: “Let’s Rebuild Equitably”

Day 2: “Continuing to Rebuild”

Day 3: “Redistricting and New York State’s Future”