The Census Bureau has made their 2020 Census PSAs available!

Be sure to read both the How to Use SAG-AFTRA PSAs guidelines and How to Use Non-SAG-AFTRA PSAs prior to using any of the PSAs.

If you choose to download a 20-second cutdown and customize the last 10 seconds, please provide us with the PSA you create prior to running so that we can ensure it is compliant with our PSA guidelines. You can download the PSA assets from the link below (The link will expire in one month).  These are the only permitted edits.

How Will 2020 Census Data Be Used
Password: YR2LChEK

How Do I Take the 2020 Census
Password: YR2LChEK

Password: LHFXgzr6

They Count
Password: xr6njbZR

You will notice that there are two types of files in the folders linked above, one with the extension .MOV and one file with the extension .MP4. The .MOV file is the editable broadcast-quality file that features a slate with the spot details in the beginning. The .MP4 file is smaller un-editable file that does not feature a slate in the beginning. You can use whichever version you prefer.

For more information about 2020 Census PSAs, refer to the 2020 Census PSA Toolkit.