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August 2-8, 2020: Outreach Campaign to Support Increased Self-Response amongst Rural Populations

The Census is pushing nationwide outreach effort in rural areas with less than 50% RR. Geographies can be a single county or cluster of counties.

What: In an effort to increase self-response in specific rural populations, Census Bureau is inviting partners to join a call to action for targeted outreach the week of August 2nd – 8th, 2020. The outreach will be grassroots and hyper-local but also cover vast geographic areas across the nation. The campaign will be primarily executed by the Census Bureau’s Community Partnership and Engagement Program (CPEP) getting the word out through local neighborhoods and via traditional media (local TV and radio) that reach rural populations. The Census Bureau is also activating national partners to amplify 2020 Census messaging on social media and other digital means.

When: August 2nd – August 8th, 2020

Who: Target Audiences include: Rural Populations, Racial and Ethnic Minorities (Hispanic/Latinx, AIAN, African American), H2A Visa Workers, Migrants Workers, Families with children under 5 years of age, Seniors, Veterans, and any population living in rural geographic areas.


  • It’s Our Time to Count! Respond the to 2020 Census today!
  • #ShapeYourFuture, Rural America Respond Now to the #2020Census! Ways to respond include online, by phone or if applicable, via the paper questionnaire with unique ID that was mailed or sent to your home.
  • #ShapeYourFuture, Rural America, It’s not too late to respond to the #2020 Census while being safe and practicing social distancing at home. Once you have responded, please encourage your family, friends and loved ones to complete the census, too.
  • If you have mail delivered regularly to your home (and not to a PO or cluster box), then you should respond to the 2020 Census online or using the paper form delivered to your home in spring of 2020. 
  • Communities where the majority of households do not receive mail at their home’s physical location had 2020 Census invitation packets delivered to their homes. If you had a paper form delivered to your home, please respond now using that form and the unique ID that came with it.

Resource Guide developed for the Digital Action Weekend (that occurred on May 1st-3rd, 2020) is  provided as a reference tool to share with local partners who can use it to get ideas for how to promote this initiative via digital or traditional media. In it, there are samples posts, social media graphics and video scripts that partners can leverage.

Social Media:  Promote #ShapeYourFuture and #2020Census hashtags used jointly, in English and Spanish – or the appropriate language(s) to reach the target audience, where most appropriate.

  • #ShapeYourFuture, Rural America Respond Now to the #2020 Census!” Ways to respond include online at 2020census.gov, by phone or if applicable, via the paper questionnaire with unique ID that was delivered to your home.”
  • Encourage local traditional media to use and/or modify Census Bureau drop-in articles (examples attached) and America Counts stories about Rural Communities.